The Shifter
Gender Male
Species Time Entity
Appearance Normally a cloud of orange smoke. Looks like a Toa with a smooth, featureless mask when in a physical form.
Element Time
Weapon A longsword, but only when in physical form.
Status Alive
Creator tahakki-nuva

The Shifter is a Time Entity in the BZPRPG, played by tahakki-nuva. He lives in the Time Vortex, and watches over the whole of Time, stepping in when Time breaks down.

Taragii encountered The Shifter when he tried to absorb Time using an ECD. He was pulled into the Time Vortex, where The Shifter found him.

He then travelled to Ko-Metru, where there was a war between the Ko-Metru Militia and the Santun, seeking Taragii.

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