The War for Elementum-Nui is an ongoing RPG run by Toa Levacious Zehvor. It tied for third place in RPG Contest #18, one of the closest contests in RPG forum history.

RPG HistoryEdit

WfE (full title The War for Elementum-Nui: BZPower RPG) is notable for being one of few entries to have tied for a place in an RPG Contest. Specifically, it tied for third with City of Steam (RPG by Toa of Dancing looking for a second run), which was later broken by a random decision by Black Six.

WfE was the dark horse of the contest; many RPers were surprised at the way it quickly gathered votes matching RPGs by older players. However, it has done well so far, getting to eight pages in just six days.

This RPG is ongoing.

Related PagesEdit

In-game History - General background and history of the RPG setting.

Storyline - In-game events, to be updated as RPG proceeds.

Setting - Various locations of the locations in the WfE world.

Factions - Different groups in the WfE world.

Races - Species in the WfE world.

External LinksEdit

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