Name: Thrustox

Gender: Male

Species: Vortixx

Alignment: Works mainly for himself, and will ally with whoever can/will help him more. (anti-hero)

Description: Having a leaner build, with long, red legs, a black body, brown arms, and speckled with orange. His mask is black on the left, dark red on the right, and shaped like an Olmak.

Mask: The Kanohi Kadin (mask of flight)

Weapon: A spiked mace, and a few hunting knives usually stored on his back or shoulders.

Powers: Elemental control over Plasma, flight (via kanohi)

Weakness: Like most fire types, Thrustox tends to be hot-headed. In addition, Thrustox is weaker, and also has little experience with his clubs, meaning he usually has to use his daggers or plasma.

Personality: Thrustox tends to be hot-headed, and rushes into situations without thinking. He has quick reflexes, which have saved him many a time, but often takes on enemies much stronger than himself, and is forced to flee, much to his regret. He also loves going on adventures, which has gotten him into trouble as well. His fighting style usually consists of blasting his enemies with plasma, or dive-bombing them using his Kadin, and bashing them over the head with his club. With the more courageous matoran, they'll jump off their lava boards as he melts them with plasma, and he'll fly them to safety using his Kadin.

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