Thurduk Jagen is a Toa of Magnetism and Inquisitor of Xa-Koro.

Thurduk Jagen
Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction Xa-Koro
Guild Inquisition
Kanohi Hau
Appearance Tall, dark grey and gunmetal armour, muscular. Mask shaped like Vezon-Ignika piece.
Element Magnetism
Weapon Glaive
Status Alive
Creator Ghosthands


Abilities and TraitsEdit

Thurduk has the elemental power of Magnetism, which he uses to great effect. Certain signature techniques he uses include magnetising protodermis dust and using electromagnetic induction to electrocute targets. His powers are also very useful for torture purposes.

Thurduk is proud and stern, an iron-fisted Inquisitor. He is ruthless when battling and interrogating "infidels", but his trust in his own abilities and belief that all those who go against Makuta are fundamentally weak can cause him to underestimate his opponents.

Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Xa-Koro
  • Echelon - a close ally and friend
  • Zadron - has worked with him in the past, and considers him an ally despite his mercenary nature
  • Sloth - helped Thurduk interrogate Corto
  • Nynn - also helped with Corto's interrogation

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