Tia Harribel, commonly referred to simply as Harribel, is a Vortixx, the Tercera Espada, the third, and is a resident of Las Noches.


Harribel, along with her brothers, were originally residents of southern Xia, where they had a palace, Las Noches. Not much is known about what they did there, but whenever they were around people kept their distance.

When the Great Cataclysm struck they were in Metru Nui on buisness and were forced to evacuate with everyone else. Seeing the island of Mata Nui as an ideal place for a new palace, they travelled back into the Matoran Universe, gathered the proper materials, and built their new palace.

Recently, Harribel saved a being who had been left for dead by the Makuta's Manas. She took him to Las Noches and tried to heal him, but found that all of their medicine seemed to be nullified. After consulting with Baraggan they deduced that he had absorbed an ancient artifact that belonged to the Makuta.

She eventually travelled to Ta-Koro with Baraggan to assist Starrk in his battle with the Toa Daedra. Seeing the Toa of Water Sloth, she engaged him and released her weapon, goading him into attacking and using her weapon's power to nullify his water attacks.


Of all the Espada, Harribel is the most level-headed and calm. In battle she analyzes her opponents strengths and weaknesses, and uses them to her advantage. She is also known to taunt her opponents in order to get them into a fight. However, she spends so much time analyzing her opponents that she can't notice when she has reached her limit, and often wears herself out.


Harribel's weapon of choice is a large sword which she wields with great proficiency. The weapon actually consists of two blades, one crescent like blade and another inside of it, resulting in several extra blades on the weapon.

The sword, called Tiburon, also has a special ability. By stating the command Destroy, Harribel's weapon enters its released state. In this state it has the ability to completely evaporate and boil away all water and ice based attacks, called Hirviendo.


  • Harribel's Espada Tattoo is located under her right breast plate.
  • Tiburon, the name of Harribel's weapon, means Shark. She often refers to herself as the Shark when she uses it in battle.
  • Harribel is the only female Espada.

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