RPG Bionicle Kingdoms IV
Gender Male
Species Unknown; Appears to be a Toa, but really isn't.
Group Cold Hunters
Appearance Link
Status Unknown, Alive most likely
Creator Mord

Tkrix is a Cold Hunter from the RPG series, Bionicle Kingdoms, and he is play by Mord on Bzpower. So far, he has only appeared in BK IV.


There isn't much of a story to his existence. He floated around for a few years after his creation, and then decided that he wanted to become solid. He went to a group of scientists, and let them study him in exchange for making him inhabit a Toa. When Tkrix was pumped into the Toa's nervous system, the Toa was corrupted and turned a super black color, only traces of the Toa of Fire remain. Tkrix soon after stole a scythe, modified it, and was on his way. He gained a liking for money, and joined the Cold Hunters, seeing it as an economical opportunity.

Beside this, there isn't much else to this character's history, expect for his Cold Hunter Mission to Metru Nui, which was only to give Lord Midnight an update on the city's status. So, it really unknown really about whether or not he will be making a reappearance in the new sequel, BK V, soon to come. Only time will tell.

General Powers and WeaponsEdit

For starters, he has the element of Thorns or Plant Life, while he wears the Mask of Illusions, which is able to cast a shade over the wearer, and enable him to create ultra-realistic illusions for others to see. They can be used to distract, intimidate, and frighten away among others. Beside that, he is also quite strong, and agile. His flexibility also grants his speed, but he can't sustain it for long. He's also quite good at stare-downs.

His main weapon of choice is a sort of staff-scythe held backwards, with the blade at a very wide angle. The other end of the staff-scythe has a super hard crystal, that emits a faint glow, and can glow brighter when commanded. And due to a series of poly-jointed arms and legs, he can twist his body into an unlimited amount of contortions, and is able to stretch his limbs an extra four or five feet. He also carries a series of tin daggers. Although there's nothing special about them.


A quirky character. He's average height for a Toa, but is not a Toa, but a form of mask wielding solidified shade. He is tangible, and can't become 2-D anymore. His sense of humor puts most people off, for he enjoys the pain of others. A back-stabber and double crosser, he's only loyal to his widget pouch. He likes Salgurahk, but doesn't think that overgrown Rahkshi is much of a help.

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