Toa-mon is a Toa of Ice with additional Sonic and Shadow powers.


Ice element. Sonic blasts. Moderate shadow element


Toa-mon was the de-facto leader of the Toa On when their official leader, Toa-non, betrayed them to the Shadow Hunters long long ago. Having killed their brother out of necessity, not design nor desire, the Toa On became far less effective, one by one dying. Now only Toa-mon remains. A nervous, hesitant Toa with a severe confidence issue who has lost his spark. He suffers from chronic depression and hears voices in his head. When in situations of extreme stress, will 'black out' as far as he knows, when actually the voice he hears takes charge of his body, his other, far more aggressive persona. When not under duress, however, he suffers great lonliness and seeks companionship and comraderee.

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