Toa Calel is a Toa of Dreams.


Kanohi Somnus- Great Mask of Sleep Nuva- Able to put a target to sleep- deapth of sleep varies on concentration and distance. (eg, glancing at someone from across a room will make them drowsy. Eye contact from a foot away will knock them out cold) �

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Able to manipulate and control the dreams of a sleeping target.


Staff of Nightmare- can turn anyone's thoughts into the worst things they fear. (eg: Someone is thinking about ponies. The staff makes them pony-phobic)


Given powers by a Toa that Calel had helped save from a Rahi, Calel found herself falling off a cliff one day after being chased by a Makuta that desired her Staff of Nightmare. She landed in a small pool of energized protodermis which healed her injuries from the fall and the fight and granted her her Nuva-tastic powers.

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