Toa Llerena is a Toa of Sense.


Kanohi Klarheit: Mask of Clarity- Allows the user's mind to become unencombored by any overwhelming thoughts, feelings, or information and be able to identify all of those things quickly, preventing mental fatigue and undue stress of an overloaded mind.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Extremely powerful senses: Sight- able to see up to a mile away: sight is adjustable so that she can see things up close as well. Hearing- able to hear the softest of noises, the range of which depends on the acoustics of wherever she is. Taste- able to taste chemicals in the air, water, and food she eats. --Note: Great sense of taste allows her to re-create most foods she eats, making her a good cook. Smell- able to smell anything that has passed through an area several days after it is gone. Touch- highly sensitive to slight vibrations (distance depending upon medium) and variations in texture and material. Balance- has a highly sophisticated equilibrium that is almost impossible to imbalance, be it with changes in gravity or accelleration. Temperature- sensitive to even the slightest changes in temperature: walk into a room holding some ice cubes and she can sense your body heat and the chilly ice in your hand. Kinesthetic- never loses coordination between any parts of her body Direction- able to align her positon with the natural magnetic fields of the planet subconciously, giving her an infalible sense of direction. Electroception- able to sense electric fields Time- has an infallible sense of time


Staff of Strike- can render the target blind, deaf, and numb to all senses: often used on herself for sleep purposes.


Llerena has been a Toa for over a hundred years now and has very few memories of her past. What she does remember is an incident shortly after becoming a Toa that involved a band of pirates pillageing her home and capturing her. SHe went through physical and emotional agony at their hands until a mysterious warrior appeared out of nowhere and, on a whim, turned most of the pirates into bunnies while the rest fled in terror. Llerena never got the chance to thank Ahadica, her savior, but was not able to join her as a Valkyr. Time passed and Llerena lived on, moving from place to place, her only memories of her past dwelling upon the brave warriors who had saved her. Having lived in Aensetr Derrum for almost a decade now, Llerena was one of the first few to sign up as a Defender of Elysium when she learned of the Children of Perdition and the Valkyr presence, in hopes of being reunited with the Great Ahadica, who had become something rather close to a god in Llerena's mind over the years.

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