RPG Bionicle Kingdoms IV
Gender Male
Species Axonn's Species
Group Neutral
Appearance Looks much like the late Axonn, expect he wears a Kanohi Huna that is missing at least half of its face.
Status Alive
Creator Jedi Master J.

Torickparu is a NPC first introduced into the Bionicle Kingdoms continuum in BK IV by Jedi Master J. So far, he has only appeared in BK IV, but he expected to make an appearance on Stelt in BK V.


Very little has been reveal of this character's past, but it can be assume that he has been around the Archives a long time considering he knows how navigated through the place like a map was written on the back of his hand. He made his first appearance in the story, when a Toa of Lightning came out of a Kanohi exhibit and suddenly pass out as if the energy had been wipe of him, which was what happen technically since a leech like creature stolen some of the Toa's life energy.

But anyway, Torickparu was worried about the health of the Toa, so he had picked him up to carry him to place of which he could be heal. Along the way, he ran into a traveling Toa, who at first attacked him until he explain to the Toa that he was trying to help this unconscious Toa. Once that was out of the way, they began to travel together to reach a Fountain called the Fountain of Gali that was say to have healing water and was say to be found within one of the Library Sections of the Archives. Their journey was, of course, not without trouble for as soon as they got closer to their goal, a Matoran of Shadows attempted to set loose a barrel of Shadow Leeches on the group, which failed miserably due to Torickparu's fast reflexes. (TBC)

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