The Tournament of Shadows is a two-time winning RPG (9 and 10), run by Kumata Nuva. It was intedned as a prequel to his similarly-named epic and amassed a large group of players. The Tournament of Shadows can be abbrievated as ToS.

Story Edit

Many believe the Great Cataclysm to be a turning point in the history of the Bionicle universe, one that opened the floodgates for darkness to smother the world. These people are wrong. The Great Cataclysm was nothing but a logical outcome of the continuously growing evil that kept itself hidden in the corners of the world, as the Toa and Matoran remained oblivious. Amongst the steadily-growing Dark Hunters and the secretly-plotting Brotherhood of Makuta existed the Tournament of Shadows, a combat sport between only the most depraved of beings…

It is the dead of night, 1500 years before the events in Karda Nui. You are one of the many criminals that stalk the shadows of the Bionicle universe, and had just arrived on an island called Xatai. You looked precariously at a stone tablet in your hand.

Whoever holds this tablet

Is entitled to participate in

The Tournament of Shadows

By grand order of the mighty Tsukan

It seemed preposterous. You always thought that the island of Xatai was deserted, yet mere minutes ago you, and a horde of other criminals, were taken to register your names and then listen to an introductory speech from the tournament’s host, Tsukan. It seemed that he had only invited ‘evil’ beings to participate in this, the eleventh tournament; probably to help keep its existence a secret. After all, who would trust the words of thieves and murderers?

Three days have passed since then. You have trained, you have battled. Yet recent events suggest that there is something deeper to this tournament. Do you dare try and discover what Tsukan is plotting? Or will you turn a blind eye and simply enjoy your time here? The choice is yours…

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