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End of The Year Battle

Salutations, gentlemen. I have a proposition to offer you.

I and fellow veteran RPer Razgriz 1 have been steadily planning over the downtime what we will do when BZP ands its RPG remake their entrance into our time on the web, and we've been thinking...

We'd both like a really, really big general melee (not 'melee' as in 'close-range' necessarily) battle at the end of NBZP Year One .

I have no idea if you guys would like such an occurrence. I for one, though, can tell you that not only do I love huge fights, I love writing fight scenes in general; IMHO it is a great way to end the year with a 'bang' and an excellent way to tie up any chars one will not keep; and finally, I can definitely see some advantages for story arcs to come together and culminate in their climaxes to make a spectacular end.

Of course, there is absolutely no obligation for you guys to join. 'The more, the merrier' especially applies here, however.

Who's interested? >=D

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