Ok, guys, who do you think I got an e-mail from today? Huh?



Please wait while I have a little music-geek moment.


Ok, done. I had e-mailed him quite a few months back, primarily to ask him if he would ever consider releasing the soundtrack from Bionicle 1, 2 and 3. Here is the e-mail, for those who'd like to see it:

Hi --------,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!It's always good to hear from Bionicle fans. I'm glad you like the music!The soundtracks were never officially released. However, I've recently been posting some of the music here.

It's always hard to recommend composition software to a young composer on a budget, mostly because it's a very personal thing that every musician/composer must discover!I can tell you that I use Logic Pro to compose in, and I have since I was 16! If you already own a Mac computer, it's one of the most affordable options, as it already comes with so many fantastic sounds and plug ins!

However, Cubase is a very capable option as well. Perhaps see if you buy an upgrade path to the latest version.

No matter what, always keep writing and arranging. Never stop!




Sorry, did it again.

I've tried the link; Soundcloud seems to be unavailable at the moment. But I'll be downloading them the minute it comes up!

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