Most of you who have edited on this wiki or any other probably know about categories. Little boxes at the bottom of your article where you can add the category (or categories) that your page belongs to: for example, Toa (BZPRPG), or Factions (BZPRPG). They're very handy, especially when you want to find all other Toa in the BZPRPG...maybe just out of boredom, or you're genuinely interested in what other RPers before you have created.

Due to my OCD, I've spent the past week going through all the uncategorized pages and putting them in neat little categories, but now I've discovered that photos can be categorized too. I did not know this before today, and apparently no one else on this wiki did either, because a quick look at the uncategorized photos list showed me about a hundred photos without any categories to go into.

So in the hopes of remedying this, I've started the Photo Categorization Project, with which I hope you can help. If you're editing an article or even just reading it, and you notice that the photos it uses doesn't have a category (for example, this one), go to the Images page and add whatever categories you think describes the photo in question the best. Even if it's just one edit, it'll help me a lot. So just pitch in whenever you find the opportunity to! =]

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