Species Paki-Paki
Guild Agents of Anarchy (formerly)
Native Ta-Terros
Element N/A
Weapon Various firearms, mostly a 9 mm handgun
Status Alive
Creator Emzee

History and OriginEdit

Vigilante was once a humble (if not a tad irresponsible) Ta-Matoran in charge of one of the smelting stations owned by CORtech in Ta-Terros. This particular station was repeatedly failed to meet the safety standards set by the unrelenting guild, and the nagging from the Administration constantly aggravated the Matoran.

One day, during one of Tairax's murderous raids, he completely destroyed the station that the Foreman oversaw. The Foreman was severely wounded and taken to the Le-Terros Hospital. He was transformed and later counseled by Yohan who called this new being a "Paki-Paki". He named the Ta-Matoran "Vigilante", his prototype. Once Vigilante learned that Tairax's attacks were sparked by the League of International Trade and Commerce, he lost faith in all governments, seeing them as corrupt and only looking out for themselves. This was surely true for the League, but naturally, Vigilante believed it to be true of all guilds, including the ones running Metru Nui. He has gathered a militant group to go to a crystal city called Schism and end Tairax's killings by assassinating Alzuth (the leader of the League) as demanded by Tairax.

Things went differently from the plan. Upon seeing Tairax himself in the city of Schism, Vigilante and Joch went after the mad clown. Things spiraled out of control, and soon, the Paki-Paki was locked in combat with inter-dimensional beings called Santun. Vigilante, Joch, and Tairax were all arrested, but Vigilante noticed the clown being led elsewhere as the Paki-Paki was being hauled off.


Vigilante is a cold-hearted anti-villain. He operates out of his own self-interest, tired of working under the will of others (like CORtech). After being put in his current condition, he has vowed to make sure that selfish governments are removed from power, replaced by a system of self-rule.

Change of HeartEdit

Agreement with Zakloth DyrnnEdit

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