Gender Male
Species Toa
Group Toa "Midora"
Kanohi Volitak
Appearance Ordinary Toa of Stone. Mostly gray body with silver armor. His whole body is muscular and a bit "angular", with squarish features and rectangular-shaped armor. Silver Volitak, Mask of Stealth.
Element Stone
Weapon A gigantic (almost as long as he is tall) and immensely heavy anchor that he swings around with relative ease.
Status Alive
Creator Multivac'sEntropicDilemma
Vimgar is a Toa of Stone and a vigilante.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ordinary Toa abilities. Immense natural strength complemented by his Mask of Stealth and an incredibly deductive/tactical mind that contradicts his "big dumb guy" appearance.

Nature and PersonalityEdit

Gruff and irritable, when Vimgar speaks his comments are often loaded with a fair bit of sarcasm. He believes in the Toa's duty to uphold the law, but does so through rather extreme methods. Vimgar's choice of weapon reflects his ideals: that the law can sometimes be a burden to uphold, but must be upheld nevertheless.



Vimgar was driven out of his original Toa team when his zealous sense of duty led him to start handing out extreme punishments: torturing and killing criminals, frightening an underhanded businessman to the point of heart failure. Vimgar still believes his way of dealing with evil is the right way, following a "two eyes and a tongue for an eye" doctrine as he moves from city to city, island to island, world to world, handing out a vigilante-like judgment.

Aensetr Derrum and Toa "Midora"Edit

Upon arriving on Aensetr Derrum, Vimgar went to the Forbidden Realms with the idea of catching criminals to help the Administration. While there, he encountered Lyrion, Toa-mon, Predator, Cadias, Ferial, and Ehlossa. Despite his protests and others' misgivings, Ehlossa insisted on the idea of forming a team -- the Toa "Midora", a ragtag team made up of the diverse and colorful personalities present.

Shortly afterward, the suicidal immortal Rivet crash-landed near them, and the captain of a ship passing by, Regus, offered to give them a ride out of the Forbidden Realms -- increasing the Toa "Midora"'s numbers by two.

Before this "team" could do anything useful, however, the self-proclaimed leader, Ehlossa -- on one of her rants about "destiny" -- literally jumped off the ship. Vimgar, having no choice, followed her and the others, and crashed in Bo-Kiri. Vimgar was unfortunately separated from the team, however.

Barfight and MissionEdit

Looking to drink away his pain, Vimgar made his way to a bar, but unwittingly got into a fight with Artemis, a Matoran Bounty Hunter. With the help of her Energy Hound, Artemis quickly and soundly defeated the larger and stronger Toa, despite Vimgar's skill with his Element. Four mysterious figures had observed the fight, however, and one of those four, Zee, introduced himself and recruited the two on a mission: to take down a Makuta.


Once again, however, Vimgar ran into a deja vu, following off of Zee's ship this time. He has now found his way into the Copper Mask bar in Citadel, capitalizing on the free drinks.


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