Gender Male
Species A avian predator, turned Toa-like
Group Teamed up with Cadias and Navayak
Kanohi Powerless Miru
Appearance A Toa-like body, with large wings.
Power Flight
Weapon He fights unarmed.
Creator Vrf3


He just appeared on the island one day. Some say he is a dark omen, others that he is a creation of the Makuta. Only he knows the actually dull story of his past.

He was once a Rahi raptor, a bird of prey, living along the coast of Ga-wahi. His 'wife' was killed by Matoran for stealing fish from traders. Afterward, Vrana was somehow transformed into what he now appears as, and went to the village. He was thought a monster, and attacked by a Toa of fire who was defending from a unexistant threat. Vrana was burnt horribly, retreating into a cavern he discovered to hide and heal.

Some years later, a Xa-koro ship carrying gold was smashed against the coast, coming to wreck inside Vrana's cave. The surviving crew was picked off by the bats that lived inside Vrana's cave, only to be eaten by the creatures. The last crewmember, believing Vrana to be the creature eating them, attacked him. After realizing that the bird-like creature meant no harm, and was in pain from his attack years before, the survivor, the ship's medic, helped Vrana recover.

From the medic, he learrned of Makuta, and how wonderful the master of shadows was. After the passing of the ship medic, Vrana slowly began to venture outside his cave, where he became a scavenger of dead Matoran and other Rahi. Eventually he began hunting live Matoran, for both food, and revenge for what had happened to him.

He now has two close friends, a Skakdi named Navayak and a Toa named Cadias. Together, the three repaired the Xa-koro ship, and now sail in the Shadow's Tide.


To be added when BZP returns.


A pure black Toa, with a pair of large black wing out of his back. A pitch black Miru, glowing white eyes. Taloned hands and feet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flight, incredible agility and speed. Hightened senses a a predator.

Friends and AlliesEdit





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