The main security forces of Aensetr Derrum, the Vyres are robotic automans that operate as law enforcement and repair machines for the city.


While connected to a mainframe, each is capable of limited independent thought as to both enhance performance as well as a security measure from hackers. The Vyres can tap into the city grid to track criminals, and can remotely operate machinery if need be to apprehend fugitives.


They come in two different types: Standard enforcer, and advanced Recon enforcer. In recent years they have been drafted and outfitted to perform repair and salvage operations, assisting the matoran and toa workers, but the protection and enforcement protocols installed will override any construction order. All Vyres are capable of both hover and flight, and since they are the size of a matoran, the can go anywhere a matoran can go. Roughly oval an elongated, they have three extendable claws in front and a deployable laser weapon (image the Sentinels from the Halo series), and include a disk launcher as a secondary. Recon Vyres have several advanced features, including extra and more powerful weapons and sensor systems, an advanced processor and AI, and have limited shielding, making them excellent for hunting criminals either singularly or in small packs, or in local “search and destroy” operations.

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