Gender Male
Species Toa
Group The Four Horsemen
Kanohi Mask of Illusion
Appearance Armor of both crimson and blood red
Element Fire
Weapon A sword of bright red, with a golden hilt adorned with dazzling Rubies.
Creator Vrf3


One of four being dedicated to keeping Balance in the world, he was long ago a general under a unknown warlord. The warlord ruled over a unimportant island, placing War in charge of his armies. But War's desire for battle lead his armies to their deaths. Among the shattered remnants of his failed war, he felt no remorse, blaming the loss not upon himself, but upon his warlord. Some time after, he brought into a team along with three others, to serve a hidden leader and keep balance.


To be added when BZP returns.


Dressed in armor of both crimson and blood red. With crimson gauntlets, and foot armor, along with crimson of his knees and elbows. His entire chest is crimson with a bright blue heartlight. The rest of his body is armored in blood red, including his Kanohi. Over his back he wears a dark green cape, upon which is the golden image of a broken sword.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Element of fire.

Friends and AlliesEdit





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