After Chronos' Vahi caused a tear in reality, the remaining members of the ROD inside the airship, ceased to exist...until now.

Its been discovered that inside of Furei-Kiri, the ROD have been instigating yet another army of the Makuta. This time though, their original leader, Cyrahk is not with them. He was left in Metru Nui, in an unknown location.

Its been discovered that they have a small WOD- Matoran mob inside of the city, only with the promise of Toa killing.

As usual Pseudo-Rahkshi are still the army of the WoD, since an unlimited Kraata supply they had once had in Metru Nui is no longer available, although higher officers of the WoD are usually real Rahkshi.

Finally the WoD have been known to raid incoming airships on occasion, usually with their own.

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