The Whirlpool Inn was a highly popular inn situated on the cost of Ga-Koro until it was bought by Icarin and Berani and turned into the Golden Weapons Gambling.

The Whirlpool Inn was a quiet Inn, with zero to no fighting and is the Koro's most popular tavern. It had an aquarium built into the walls so that you could see fish swim around as you drank. It was a calming place where many people went after long days at work. The insides were ocean themed and were drawn by some of the best artists in Ga-Koro.

After Icarin and Berani took charge things became a bit more grittier. A Kohlii stadium was built on the beach right beside it, and the sign was replaced. Betting booths have been placed, and Toa with the Kanohi Mahiki have been stationed so that they can show what's happening on the field as the Kohlii matches happen. The bar is still there and as is the aquarium, so people can still go for a drink if they've had a rough day.

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