Wiremu is an Onu-matoran.


Wiremu lives alone in Onu-Koro, in a house next to the underground passage that leads to Ta-Koro. Wiremu makes his living from a number of trades. He builds both functional and aesthetic trinkets and sells them in Onu-Koro. Wiremu for his primary profession repairs the mining machinery used by Onu-Koronian miners; he has also served as a handyman elsewhere on the island – fixing Ko-Wahi’s lift, Ta-Koro’s defense mechanisms, etc., per request of Whenua.


Wiremu is not a fighter. He is an engineer. However, he carries a disk launcher and practices every night in order to be prepared should the need ever arise… but for now, he needs some work. In the way of tools, however, Wiremu is far more capable than he is with weaponry. The Onu-Matoran is a master of fixing things. He also owns one of the small, basic computer tablets possessed by some Onu-Matoran.


Wiremu is an average Onu-matoran. He is mostly black and grey in color, but has some purple accents such as his mask and hands. Wiremu wears a pair of round-eyed goggles at his forehead and a smock at his waist – the smock has numerous button pouches in which Wiremu carries tools.

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