Worula, Toa of Time

Species Toa
Faction Zuto Nui
Native Originally from Paradise
Element Time
Weapon Pronged Great Sword
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Worula is the Toa of Time. He carries with him the Sword of Time and the Vahi. His sword is a very powerful weapon because he can use it to freeze just one opponent in a time vortex. Because of this skill, along with the having best swordmanship ever seen, some consider Worula to be invincible. Worula is a natural leader, said to have more courage than Mata Zuto, Lord of the Universe. He is cruelly intelligent, cunning, and stradegizes everything. His intentions are to serve Mata Zuto and have his citizens worship him as well. With him, is his Exo-Toa, Olaki, which is more of a battlesuit than an Exo-Suit. Olaki is armed with cannons, all types of guns, missiles, a large blue-colored sword, and very advanced AI, causing him to form opinions of his own.


Worula is the original wearer of the Mask of Time. He was created in Paradise to control the flow of time and maintain it. After millenia of controlling the flow of time, that job was given back to Mata Zuto and Worula was sent to be among the people. Until this time, Worula never did anything evil, or had any evil thoughts. Matoran in Metru Nui who saw Worula took note of his mask, and they tried to make recreations of it (only Vakama was successful). Worula noticed this, and he became selfish of his Vahi. Makuta, Mata Zuto's son, (after his mishap with the Toa Metru) took advantage of this and manipulated Worula, causing him to have anguish and hatred for Mata Nui and the matoran. 1000 years had passed, each year corrupting Worula even more. After those 1000 years, Worula pledged his allegiance to the Brotherhood of Makuta, and in return, received an Exo-Toa named Olaki (from Metru Nui). Shortly after the fall of Makuta, Olaki and Worula made an emergency escape to the new island, where a new Zuto Nui would be founded.

Fall of Zuto NuiEdit

Worula, wanting to eradicate the Three Virtues from Terros Nui, sought to oust Archon from power and takeover Terros Nui. Worula also wanted to take revenge on the people in Metru Nui for forcing the Zuto Nuiians to Terros Nui. Worula was supposedly killed in the 2-front war during a battle with the original leader of BZ-Koro, Hapori Tohu. However, the truth was that Worula was just locked in a time cocoon, and was later freed by a zealous Spade.

Worula now plans on restoring his past glory and making sure the Zuto Nuiians (as well as the Darkbringers (BZPRPG) can never been eradicated or defeated again.

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