Xa-Koro is the southernmost Koro on Mata Nui, and is devoted to the worship of Makuta and the practice of Xa-Kuta magic.


Xa-Koro is built on an island in the Kumu Islets. It has thick, forbidding stone walls which reach almost to the edge, essentially fortifying the entire island. It can only be reached from the mainland by boat. Inside, its Matoran dwellings are similar to those found in the other Koros. One district is well known for its trade in Xa-Kuta trinkets.

Well-known landmarks include Market Square, where most trade takes place; the Docks, from which all ships launch and land; and the Xa-Koro Library, filled with many books and scrolls, mainly on subjects pertaining to Xa-Kuta and how to serve Makuta.


  • High Priest of Makuta - named Caiaphas, head of the Xa-Kuta religion and second in authority to Makuta only.
  • Zealots - so-called "Inquisitors' Inquisitors"; powerful mages who purge even the ranks of the Inquisition. Joske Nimil is a famous example
  • Inquisitorial High Priests - a council of priests in charge of the Inquisition
  • Inquisitors - members of the dreaded Inquisition, who seek out traitors within and without Xa-Koro.
  • Priests - Black Mages in charge of Makuta-worship
  • Black Mages - some Black Mages are not Priests
  • Red Mages - lower in authority than Black, but still powerful soldiers of Xa-Kuta
  • Nobles - an oligarchy who manage the day-to-day running of the Koro and laypeople
  • Citizens - members of Xa-Koro
  • Slaves - no rights, may be forced to do back-breaking manual labour; barely considered beings rather than machinery or commodities.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Temple of Makuta
  • Library of Xa-Kuta
  • Artifacts District
  • Various inns
  • Docks

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