Xavier's Exile
Location Mata Nui
Group(s) involved The Turaga and the Veratics
Character(s) involved Xavier, Wokapu URW, and others
Page(s) N/A
<- Dea-Koronan War
-> Book of the Bionicle

After Wokapu, the Ultimate Rahkshi Warrior allied with Xavier, word spread throughout Mata Nui about this alliance. Because Wokapu was a Pirate, the Turaga considered Xavier to be a traitor for not killing the Rahkshi on the spot. Xavier was then banished from the villages. Disillusioned, Xavier decided to travel with Wokapu URW, and several other people who found Xavier's banishment to be harsh. They called themselves the Veratics, meaning "truth".

After traveling together for awhile, the Turaga saw the error of their ways and welcomed Xavier back into their villages. Shortly after, Wokapu URW had lost his powers, and the Toa Nuva were thus, freed from their orbs.

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