Species Toa Ultima
Faction None
Native Neo-Koro
Element Electricity
Status Dead
Creator -X-


Xavier is the Toa of Destiny. Born in a faraway village called Neo-Koro, he is the son of one of the six legendary Toa Ultima. He has a little sister named Izzy and is "close friends" with Toa Enra.

Xavier is a strong-willed character who is always there to help friends or tend to a dangerous situation. After an event in his past that even he cannot describe nor remember, Xavier was found by Kotu and Nokama on the beaches near Ga-Koro. They got him back to full health and taught him everything he needed to know, and then his adventure began. Xavier has been good friends with all the toa, especially Gali, who trained him in agility and freeing the mind.

Xavier recently learned that his ancestors came from the legendary Neo-Koro, a place only whispered in rumor. It's inhabitants -- who had the power to transform -- were destroyed for this power. Now it is Xavier's mission to unlock his past and learn as much about his ancestors and this power of transformation he now has.

Xavier found meaning in his life when Enra died, he found his meaning as soon as he spoke the strange language at the Kini-Nui. However, he knows that only he can know his meaning, for it could mean life or death...

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