Xa'kai was born into a warring tribe of Larsika's species. When her entire tribe was destroyed, Xa'kai made her way to Anester Derrum. She adopted the nickname Xen. She became a bounty hunter, having no conscience for those she killed, but capable of strong emotion towards others. She is a strange case.

== Abilities and Traits ==

Xen wears a suit of armor containing pieces of melted-down concealment kanoka, great huna shards, and volitak shards. This fits on her like a second skin, you would not know that it is there. The suit provides instant invisibility and sound dampening.

Xen wears a kanohi mask of Fate, shaped like her own face. You would not know she wears a mask.

Xen wields a dirk and a sniper rife. Her ponytail has a spike on the end.

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