Species Pirasian
Guild The Lich King's Army (BZPRPG)
Native Pirasia
Element She is capable of using any element but only with a small amount of power.
Weapon No weapon
Status Alive
Creator Dwin


Appearance: Similar to Xerius except she doesn't have a Bionicle head. Her arms are normal and are toned proportionately. She is not capable of cellular regeneration but has extraordinary balance and dexterity. She is not as muscular as Xerxian but has a toned, lithe body.

History: Xerzera was killed long ago by her brother. Her soul was reincarnated by Xerius and shortly after, she regained her body through Cadiamus. Xerzera is brilliant. She is the brain of the Triplets. She may not be strong but she has telekinetic powers that allow her to vanquish foes with ease. Xerzera as a result is also the most conniving and "evil" of the three. Her heart and mind are completely warped by Cadiamus. Also, see here: Cadmean Victory


Major elements:

Water, Ice, the Green

Minor elements:

Earth, Stone, Fire, Air, Iron, Light, Shadow, Magnetism, Sonics, Lightning (Electricity), Gravity, Plasma and Time.

A note about Xerzera's power level. Xerzera is not Xerius. Xerzera is sub-Titan in power but a powerful toa is equal or greater than her. Once again, Xerzera's strength relies in combination.

Special Abilities:Edit

Hyperbalance: Xerzera has incredible balance. You could compare her to a feline in the respect that she rarely falls, gets knocked over, etc.

Farsight:Xerzera has the ability to see speculative events in the future. Unfortunately, these visions are limited by her internal perceptions of what she looks for.

-Tele-: Xerzera has extremely expansive telepathic, telekinetic, etc. powers. There are very few beings capable to withstand her mental attacks.

-Portals: Xerzera has the ability to create dimensional portals (similar to the Olmak) as well as portals that travel across space. Her only limitation with this power is that she a.) has to know the location, b.) the distance can not be greater than the power she can input in and c.) she has to be able to close the portal.

-Shielding: Xerzera has the ability to create energy shields that can deflect just about anything. These shields are created out of strings of protons weaved together. As most energy is created out of electrons or photons, the protons null out the energy. The shield collapses under sustained fire, though, and by a very direct jolt of energy as seen here: 4th paragraph down

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