Species Toa Mata
Guild Coalition of Charity (mainly Kin)
Native Metru Nui.
Element Air
Weapon A semi-automatic crossbow. Telescoping metal quarterstaff.
Status Alive
Creator Dwin


A typical toa of air with the green coloring.


In the dark part of Dwin's past, he was involved on an Old Guard raid upon a warehouse in Le-metru but incorrect information led to the murder of innocents. In the dark, the group murdered 10 people but Dwin protected a matoran child from his own men. She from then on trained in the art of combat. She was discovered by Zyrul and began training in the Academy just a short time after Dwin left but the more she learned of his exploits with the Kin, the more her hate of him consumed her. She blames everything that happened to her family on him and only lives to kill him. She is now freed of her all-consuming hate and lives to serve the Kin.

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