Zyck's Armor is a shop run in Ta-Koro by Zyckel.


Zyck's Armor was the idea and dream of Zyckel throughout his life in Xa-Koro. As soon as he was old enough, he left Xa-Koro to create his dream, an armor forge unlike any other. It started as a small hut, nothing more than a altered home. Over time, it has grown, with enough room for rows of armor, and a large sign hanging outside.



The outside is a simple building, not much fancier than the average Ta-Koran building. He has a large metal sign outside, which isn't rusted at all, due to Zyckel's multiple-times-a-day cleanings.


To be added soon.



The Daedra came to get his armor repaired, and ended up with a free set of Armor.

More to be added soon.Edit

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