Gender Male
Species Toa
Group Allied with Fiva and Shrakk
Kanohi The Mask of Sonar
Appearance Black and Gold Toa
Element Once Iron
Weapon A sword that can become intangible at will
Creator The Dark Chronicler

Zyckel is a Toa that is played by The Dark Chronicler


Zyckel is a Native of Xa-Koro, and grew up there alongside his older brother, who he despises. As a child, he was always almost as good as his brother at everything, something even his own parrents pointed out. He grew to hate his family, and tried to find anything he could to get away from them. Everything he tried, his brother surpased him.

That is, until Zyck decided to try metalsmithing. Since Zyckel was trying Metalsmithing, his older brother had to also, trying to outdo Zyckel once again. Zyckel was sick of it. As his brother worked, Zyckel decided to "test" how metal effected organic tissue, by slinging molten metal into his brother's face. With that, he blinded his brother in one eye, though Zyck would never regret it. When he grew old enough, he moved away from his home and to Ta-Koro, where he started his own shop. Zyck's Armor.

Though he despised his brother, he always hoped he could one day find some sort of peace between them, and years later, when his brother died from a sword wound, Zyckel traveled to Xa-Koro to pay his respects.


Zyckel is a mostly pitch black Toa of the Metru-style, with gold armor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

For an unknown reason, one Zyckel refuses to talk about, he has no actually elemental powers, though he claims that when he did, his element was Iron.

Friends and AlliesEdit


Shrakk came to Zyckel trying to convince him to make a metal ring. At first Zyckel refused, then after a short fight, which Zyckel bluffed his way out of, he created the ring for Shrakk. Zyckels sees Shrakk as a friend, though he does envy the Skakdi's ability to fire energy from his eyes. While they don't always see eye to eye, Shrakk is the closest to a friend Zyckel has ever had.


Zyckel semi-hates Fiva; there is no other way to describe his feelings towards the Fire toa. Fiva reminds Zyckel of his older brother, and Zyckel hated his brother too. He respects the Toa's ability to fight, but despises his talkative nature. Though Zyckel faces conflicting opinions about him, he still counts Fiva among his friends.


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