Zyrul's Elite Code is a set of principles that Zyrul created and perfected ever since he started the Academy. The principles reflect Zyrul's personal doctrine and one that he believes leads to the paragon of the Academy Toa. The Code is meant to apply not just to combat but to all walks of life.

The CodeEdit

"There is no dominant sense."

Keep all senses on an equal level. Do not rely overmuch on one sense in particular -- one must be able to hear as well as one can smell, touch, taste, and see. The same applies to skills in general -- there is a point when specialization in one area starts to become detrimental to one's learning experience.

"If people do not know you have power, you have no power at all."

Reputation is just as important as actual skill.

"Technique is for amateurs. Conquerors act on thought."

In combat, to think must be to act. Efficiency of time in battle is key.

"Rage makes one weak. Emotions hinder one's concentration, and thus one's power."

"The enemy's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness."

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